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We have got all your personal or business office needs covered.
We sell notebooks, desktops, refurbished PCs and laptops, peripherals, printers, printer and fax cartridges, different accessories and much more!

On-Site Service

Do you have a computer that has a virus or bad hardware? Maybe it is just running very slow or your not aware of the problems cause. We offer an on-site repair service where we come to you, no more driving long distances just to drop your computer off; we will fix your computer right in the comfort of your own home or business.

Office Setup

Are you in the midst of setting up a new office, or maybe making plans for a new one? We are here to consult with you on everything from which computer to buy to whether or not you need a pencil sharpener or not. Already have all of your office supplies but have no time to set it up? No problem, we will also setup/install all of your office needs from putting your accounting or office program on your computer to assembling your desk or cabinet.

Targeted Training

Did you just get a new computer or phone with an operating system you've never used; or maybe you just started using a new program such as quick books or Microsoft office and don't know how to use it? We are here to help; we offer targeted trainging so that you can learn what you need when you need. Want to learn about the new features of Windows 8, thats exactly what we will teach you, not all the extra information you already know how to do. And not to worry we can train you in mostly everything. We teach Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry and any applications you may need help with whether it be a program on your computer or your phone.


Have a networking job that needs to be done? Whether it is your home or business we will consult with you on your networking needs. We will provide your routers, switches, wall outlets, wiring and all the setup included. We also offer a remote desktop connection service for those times when you need computer assistance offer the phone and/or internet.

Data Entry

We offer a data entry service where we will enter any information you need into your preferred programs.

Web Consulting

We will consult with you on what online services are best for your needs. It could be anything from your Hosting options, domain names, cloud services, document management, internet calendars to your email setup.

Web & Graphic Design

Our web team offers you a contemporary, clean and easy to use design options. We also design any Logos and documents that you might need to get your business out on the web and looking good.

Web Development

All of our websites are developed using the latest web technologies for the best customization options.
These include HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP to name a few.