Hi, I’m Kevin Wieler, Owner of Wielers Computers Solutions. I’ve been working on computers in this area since 1998.

My first experience with computers was with Vic 20s. I helped my teachers with the computer system at my high school, which was one of the first to venture into using electronic report cards and working with AutoCAD.

In 2011, I embarked on my dream of opening a computer repair and training shop. Our services expanded quickly to include web Consulting, data entry and Excel programming. We employ several workers who have a variety of experiences so we can give you the fullest computer experience.

These days we work with customers to bring them the experience they want, whether it be working with home or business networking and internet, to setting up their Smart TV or Smart Phone. We also help with training in these areas, along with training on the newest of operating system while also fixing and maintaining your original machine.

One of our newer services offers office setups including wiring, supplying and setting up new furniture. Slide shows can be used in many settings, from family gatherings, celebrations, or funerals to business applications. We’re equipped to do photo editing, using your pictures to create a slide show tailored for your particular needs.